Rave The Vote is a voter registration and fundraising digital event aimed to rally the dance music community around the pillars of change and unity. The 2020 event will feature DJ sets, educational segments and calls to action broadcasted live on Twitch across four twelve hour episodes beginning July 24. 

Rave The Vote has gathered some of the most credible names in electronic music alongside outspoken community leaders with a shared ethos of motivating viewers to register to vote and donate to the Movement for Black Lives. 
Since its inception the dance music community has been defined by positivity, ingenuity, and unity. It is now time to channel our strength to help shape the future we want to live in. Join Rave The Vote as we push our collective message beyond the tenants of hedonism and create a world worth celebrating.
Rave The Vote is a collaborative project by INFAMOUS PR, 2+2 Management, and Soul Clap.