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Welcome to Rave The Vote

Welcome to Rave The Vote

Clubs, parties, and music festivals might be on pause, but the dance music community is still finding ways to come together. Lost Resort TV––a Twitch channel featuring electronic music selectors run by Infamous PR and 2+2 Management––today announced a new virtual event series aimed at boosting voter registration. Called Rave The Vote, a partnership with the DJ duo Soul Clap, it will feature DJ sets from some of the underground’s most prestigious and politically active voices–including Seth Troxler, The Black Madonna, Yaeji, and more–as well as conversations with social justice leaders about the scene’s most pressing issues such as trans rights, freelance unions, and community activism. 

Split into twelve-hour broadcasts streamed exclusively on Twitch, the event will span four days between July and October in the lead-up to the November general election. The goal is simple and two-fold: Encourage fans to register to vote and drive funds directly to the Movement for Black Lives

The initiative is a modern––and slightly more progressive––riff on Rock the Vote, the nonpartisan youth engagement organization founded by record executive Jeff Ayeroff that has pushed young people to the polls for decades. Rave The Vote is designed to reach a new band of young voters, specifically those who believe in the central tenets of dance music: inclusivity, free expression, and fair treatment for all. The series couldn’t come at a more pivotal time, a moment when Black lives, gay and trans rights, and the future of the nightlife industry are being tested and threatened on a daily basis by city leaders and representatives in Washington. (Let us never forget that house and techno are inherently political movements, founded by queer and black communities in search of a sound and sanctum.) That’s why our voice––and more importantly, our vote––matters more than ever. And there’s simply no room for complacency; in 2016, less than half of Americans aged 18 to 29 showed up and cast their vote. 

If you’re already registered, that’s great. There are other, more sentimental reasons to tune in and show your support, like celebrating an expansive, diverse bill of artists who contribute to today’s thriving underground; protecting the underrepresented who cherish dance floors as safe spaces; and preserving the open-minded, respectful sense of community that flourishes underneath a disco ball. 

Beginning with the first broadcast on July 24th, viewers will be able to join the event’s official watch party and even be able to chat with each other in a “side room” hosted by Radiate’s newly launched Spaces platform. Tracks will be shared, IDs will be searched, voters will be registered. 

RSVP for Rave The Vote Episode 1 here and don’t forget to check your registration status, register to vote, or request a mail-in ballot at

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